Monday, 10 June 2013

In a rush, running late? Check out my 5 minute makeup routine

If I'm running late and need to be out of the house quick here are my go to products to get a flawless look that will get me out of the door quick:
Step 1: Benefit Porefessional - 30 seconds
I squeeze a small pea sized amounts of this on the back of my hand and apply by pressing it into the skin. I use this at the sides of my nose and on top of my nose where I find my pores to be at their most visible.
Step 2: Benefit Fake Up concealer - 30 seconds
I do one swoop under each eye and pay let gently with my fingers to blend.
Step 3: Benefit Peek a Bright Eye's kit - 2 minutes
With the fluff brush apply the base shadow, then dab in the contour shadow and blend into the crease of the eyes concentrating on the outer corner. Then dab in the pearly pink shadow and apply to the centre of the eyelid.
Now use the liner brush and the dark contour shadow to line the top eyelids.
With your first finger apply the eye bright creme on the inner and outer corners of each eye and blend well. Then swipe across your brow bone and blend you will now look nice and awake.
Step 4: Benefit Fine One One - 1 minute
Swipe the stick from the apple of your cheeks up towards your temple do this 2-3 times on each cheek to build up colour, lightly blend with finger. Now swipe across the lips and gently blend to give the lips some colour.
Step 5: Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara - 1 minute
Apply a couple of coats to each eye to build up to the desired length and volume.
5 minutes gone and you are ready to leave the house gorgeous. X
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