Sunday, 2 June 2013

Benefit box o powder blusher comparison - Hervana, Coralista & the Bella Bamba

I love all of these powder blushers by Benefit and I love having more than just my one favourite, as I can wear different shades depending on my mood.

I have tried out other Benefit blushers as I have the cream Fine One One and the liquid Benetint and Cha Cha Tint but for me they don't compare to the powder ones. These powder blushes are beautifully pigmented that have a slight shimmer to them which doesn't make them look cheap. The colours last all day and really make the cheeks stand out without looking slutty.

1. Hervana 4/5 - this is the first powder Benefit blusher that I bought and it makes a great first impression as the packaging is perfectly cute as always and it comes with a good quality brush. Also it smells amazing!
This blusher gives a subtle rose pink blush that needs a few layers to build up the colour depending how deep you want it. I love how you make the colour yourself by blending together all the different colours in a swirl as I've never seen that before. Also the fact that you could use the colours individually as eye shadows swayed me over to buying this one.

2. Coralista 5/5 - To try out the other shades of powder blushes that Benefit do I decided to buy the Powda Wowza set that contained three for me to try. This was in that pallette and I can honestly say that this one is hands down my favourite and I tend to wear it daily. I will definitely be buying a full size version of this. It is such a beautiful colour that works on any skintone. I love how it isn't too pink.

Bella Bamba 3/5 - this was also in the Powda Wowza pallete that I bought and it is a beautiful colour but my least favourite as it is too bright for my skintone to wear everyday. It also sparkles more than the others which puts me off. It would be great for a night out but seeing as I don't go out much these days it won't be getting much use from me.

In the swatches they are from left to right - Hervana, Coralista and Bella Bamba I have taken pictures with and without the flash as it gives a better look at the colour differences. To show the Hervana's colour I have layered it up more than I usually would when I wear it on my face as it is quite a light pink. Which box o powder is your favourite?

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