Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vintage Fair finds

So while browsing Facebook this morning I saw that there was a local Vintage Fair on at Haigh Hall. This is a gorgeous Georgian manor house in my local town of Wigan. I got married there so it has a special place in my heart.
Anyway its my day off so I know I had to go to the fair.
I got there early in the day before all the bargains where snapped up, unfortunately I have recently spent all my spare money on make up and tattoos so I couldn't buy all that I wanted, but here are my bargains of the day.

1. Vintage handbag 1940s style - £4
As you know I love all things retro and rockabilly so one of these style handbags are a must. Lux de ville do nice modern versions but I'm happy to snap up a vintage one. This is such a find as a lady a couple of stalls down had similar ones for £30. The bag doesn't have any branding to it, it is nice and big inside with one main compartment and 2 smaller zip pockets.

2. Teapot that's also a cup - £5
So yes I know this isn't vintage but I've been after a teapot for ages. I've even scoured my local charity shops and not found one. So I was super happy to spot this. I love how it is retro themed and how it is a 2 in one.

3. Oversized bow ring - £1
Again not vintage but a steal at just £1. This is a item that I have searched eBay for in the past but there weren't any as nice or cheap.

This is all that I purchased but I did see some amazing things. One stall had all vintage dresses for £10, blouses and skirts £5. Unfortunately I didn't find anything that I liked or if I did like it then it wasn't my size.
There where lots of cupcake stalls which where very cute and looked yummy.
There was a couple of craft stalls that sold handmade bags and purses, I was very tempted with a handstitched notebook cover with book inside. They had some gorgeous one off designs that I new I wouldn't see again. That is the hard thing with vintage fairs you know you are unlikely to ever find that item ever again, it's now or never.

Overall I had a great day and they had a retro singer on too singing some of the old hits. It was like a step back in time to the war.

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