Monday, 17 June 2013

June Make Up Haul

So we are now mid June and I have tried out all my Glossy box items and looking for something new. Here is what I have recently picked up to add to my collection.

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder
I'm not going to talk to much about this as I love it so much it warrants having its own post. This is a must have item for me this summer as it keeps my complexion looking matte all day. It smells and looks pretty too - bonus.

Avon Glimmersticks Eye Brow Pencil - Dark Brown
I got this free with the June issue of Marie Claire and have only just tried it out. It gives a good result and it will be perfect to carry around for any brow mishaps. However bit won't be replacing my Brow Zings anytime soon.

Elf Shine Eraser Sheets
I bought these as Asda have discontinued the Kleenex shine sheets which worked wonders for me, so I was looking for a alternative. I bought these blotting sheets off eBay but they are rubbish I miss my Kleenex ones. Anyway I've since bought the Urban Decay Mattifying powder so I don't need to worry about shine anymore. I wouldn't bother with these as they don't do anything apart from waste your time.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I have seen reviews about this on other blogs and it always makes the eyeshadow colour look more vibrant so I'm looking forward to trying this out as I haven't had chance to yet. I'm waiting until I get the Summer Eyes pallette so I can try them out together but I am expecting big things for this product.

Model Co Lip Enhancer - Illusion Lip Liner
I got this free with this month's July Glamour magazine and I haven't tried it yet. The box looks good but when I took the product out it felt cheap. I do like how it has a sharpener on the lip though.
On the box it says it is nude and I was hoping it would be like Benefits invisible lip liner as I have been wanting to try that for awhile, but when I have switched the colour it looks really brown and will probably be too dark for me. So up to now I am not impressed but will test it out and report back soon.

Jodie x


Tinxabellie said...

I got a lip liner with my edition of Glamour too. I was disappointed as I hoped I would be sent a mascara or lip gloss. I will probably never wear it as I don't really wear lipstick or lip liner :( x

Sierra Kenzie said...

Ooh! I didn't know that elf made blotting sheets! I've been looking for a low costing brand that provided blotting sheets because I have oily skin. Great haul :)

-B ♡

Jodie Melling said...

Tinxabellie - I was very disappointed in the lip liner and after trying it once I will never use it again. I wanted one of the lip glosses but they had sold out.

Sierra - I would recommend the Kleenex shine sheets first if you can find them I didn't rate the Elf ones. Nice blog btw :-)

Jodie x