Tuesday, 13 August 2013

August UK Glossybox - Highflyers

So here is my August Glossybox, the theme this month is Highflyers and it includes products from around the world.

If you are subscribed to my blog you may have noticed that I've not done a blog post for the July Glossybox, this is because I've still not received it! I will get my rant over quickly. I've been subscribed to Glossybox for 4 months and the courier that they use Hermes are absolutely rubbish in my area of Wigan! My courier delivered both my May and June box the same day despite having my May box for over a week before I guess she just couldn't be bothered to deliver it. Now with my July one I tracked it religiously (as I'm inpatient) and it said there had been 3 unsuccessful delivery attempts which was BS as my husband was off work that week and he didn't hear the door go and there was no phone calls or cards left. I am furious to say the least as she sent the box back to Glossybox and I have still not received it and Glossybox aren't much help either, so this may be my last Glossybox review.

Anyway enough ranting here is the August box, mine includes:

Sweden - Emite Eyelash Curler RRP £20
Everyone received this in their box this month and it is my favourite item. I am currently using a £1 one from body care which is fair rubbish. A decent eyelash was something on my wishlist so now I can take it off. This one is great quality and I love it, it also comes with spare pads.

USA - Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir Sample
Most people don't like receiving perfume samples but I am very grateful of this as my perfume has ran out and also this smells amazing! It really smells delicious and so feminine. I would definitely consider buying the full size of this. That is why I am happy to receive samples as I would never even try brand in store (as the word chavy comes to mind) anyway I really like it.

UK - Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Shadow/Liner Full Size RRP £10.50
I didn't know that this brand was a UK one for some reason I thought it was international anyway let's hope that this is better than the mascara that we received in May as that went down like a lead balloon with bloggers.
Though to say that this was a 2 in 1 shadow or liner is abit far fetched as I can't imagine anyone using this as a shadow pencil but I will reserve judgement until I have tried it. The one that i received is in a dark green colour.

Brazil - Oceane Make Up Remover Pen
This doesn't have a RRP as it isn't currently available in the UK.
This is a full size product that comes with 3 refills. I am hoping that this fairs better than the Simple pen that I reviewed a few months ago that was rubbish. This difference with this though it that the nib is removable which was the Simples main problem as after a couple of uses the bib got dirty and just smudged the make up around which was the opposite of what I wanted it to do. So i hope this one works better.

USA - Tresemme Platinum Strength Hair Treatment Full Size RRP £1.49
I love Tresemme as it is currently the only hair product brand that I am using I will go into more detail for my love for Tresemme in a planned future post. I am happy to receive this product and to try it out as I suffer from split ends. I will let you know how I get on.

So there is my Highflyer August box what do you think? I am very happy with it as I got 4/5 full sized products and the eyelash curlers alone are worth more than I paid for the box which was £12.95.
Let's hope that my July Summer Glossybox arrives before Winter hmm.

Jodie x

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