Sunday, 11 August 2013

Car boot haul by a crazy cat lady x

So this morning my mum dragged me to a car boot at 8.30am on a Sunday morning. I did question whether I was crazy going at that time but my mum insisted that we go early to "catch the bargains". This was my first time at a car boot in years and I did really enjoy myself.
Here is what I got:
* Lush fair trade foot lotion - £1
* Mememe tinted moisturiser - 50p
* Bourjois pink pigment in Regard Rose - 10p
* Elle Macpherson solid perfume - 10p
* Russian Dolls - £1
* Russian doll umbrella - 50p
* Cat ornaments - 50p each
* Cat picture - 50p
* Marian Keyes books - 20p each
* Narnia book set - £1
* Lipsy dress - £4 not pictured
* M&S bra - 40p not pictured
* Atmosphere blouse - 50p not pictured, the clothes are in the washing machine so I didn't take pics of these.
I can't explain how long I have been after a set of Russian dolls all that I can say is that it's been over a decade. When I was a little girl the second hand shops where full of these things but now I can't find them anywhere apart from cheaper ones on ebay. Anyway my mum was right about getting the early bargains as this was my first and overall favourite buy of the day. I literally squealed with delight when I saw these and I couldn't believe my luck when she said they were only £1. It also looks complete as it is a set of 5. The lady on the stall told me that her son who lives in India brought them back as a gift for her so it's nice to know abit of history about them.
My next favourite item that I bought was the little wooden cat ornament that is curled up sleeping, it's just so cute and it has taken pride of place on my bookshelf.
I'm glad that I picked up some Marian Keyes book as her style is similar to Belinda Jones who I adore so I will look forward to reading these.
As you may know I am cat obsessed as I have 2 myself. Wolverine (black/white) and Rogue (white/black) yes we do like X-Men, and I was so happy to find a fellow crazy cat lady who I bought all my cat items off. I was stood there in my cat peplum top that I have with a cat tote bag over my shoulder so there was no missing my cat obsession, I believe this helped me get a good price for my cat items as the black ornament was originally £1. My husband loves cats too so when I came home with my cat picture and put it straight up on the wall he didn't bat a eyelid.
Overall I had a great time and I'm happy with what I got. I will look forward to going again to see what I can get. Next up I want a nice big teapot so let the bargain hunting begin.
Jodie x
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