Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bourjois Effect 3D lipgloss that I won from Orangina

When I'm at work I drink a lot of this stuff. Drinking fizzy drinks is probably my worst vice.
Anyway a couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have now started a competition where you can win a Bourjois Effect 3D lipgloss Yay! What a great combination is that!.
I had seen the lipgloss advertised in my regular magazines and in my local Superdrug and I knew it was a new release so every day I would peel off my bottle label and wishfully type in the code. I even got some of my colleagues in on it, luckily for me i work in a BMX/Skateboarding shop so it's male dominated and they aren't interested in wining a lipgloss, so I managed to nab a few extra codes and I finally won Yay! I would estimate that I have typed in about 10-15 codes to win this one.
When you do win it brings up a window and asks you to list the 3 lip gloss choices in the order that you would most like to receive. Luckily for me i got my first choice of Rouge Democratic which is a bright red. I have a lot of pale pink and coral lip glosses so I wanted a bright red one anyway and I am thrilled with this.

It aims to leave your lips hydrated and shiny for 8 hours. A plus for a lot of people is that it is paraben free too.
I felt this gloss to be quite thick but it gives a amazing result. I love the packaging and how the wand is clear. It feels great quality and even though it didn't last 8 hours for me as I had been drinking I felt that it's a good gloss to have in my collection. Especially because it was free. These retail at £7.99.
Once I'd won and chose what I wanted the shipping was free and it arrived to me about a week later.
Thank you Orangina and Bourjois.

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