Sunday, 7 July 2013

Makeup Academy Professional (MUA) mini haul blusher and primer

So after seeing some good reviews about this cheap makeup brand I decided to check out MUA for myself.
So I popped into my local Superdrug to check it out, I have been wanting to try the Bourjois cream blushers for a while but my local store didn't have any samples out and I wanted to try the colours before choosing one so I headed over to the MUA display. I really am surprised by the cheapness as it does look professional unlike some of the other cheap brands which make me want to run a mile at the thought of using it.
As I wanted a new blusher anyway I picked up two of the MUA cream ones, which are the colours Dolly and Scrummy. The Dolly one is the lighter of the two which is a nice deep peach colour suitable for everyday wear and Scrummy is a deeper pink for evening wear. These were only £1 each what a bargain! I'm not sure if that is the RRP though as they did scan through the till more expensive until I told them the sign said blusher £1. My suspicion is that it's the powder blusher that's only £1 and that the cream ones are dearer. If anyone knows this please leave me a comment as I can't find the cream blushers on Superdrug website to check.
Anyway I have tested the Dolly blusher today and I can confirm that the colour has lasted well all day. I don't have any other cream blusher's to compare these two but they are more difficult to apply and even out than powder blushed which blend evenly straight away but I like these blushers for a nice change.
I also picked up the eyelid primer for £2.50 but I haven't tried this out yet, it says that it prevents eyeshadow from creasing and gives more vibrant colour. I'm hoping this works as I will be definitely repurchasing this again if it does. I may even have to stock up a big hoard of the stuff.
So have you tried any MUA products and if so was it as good as the higher end brands?

Update 13/7/13 - I am not getting on with these blushers as I find them greasy and difficult to blend. It takes a lot of faffing about to get a even unpatchy colour so I wouldn't repurchase these. 
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