Saturday, 27 July 2013

My new notebook for all my blog ideas

Yes it's only a notebook so why am I mentioning it? To me a notebook is a important part of blogging to jot down any ideas for future posts and videos. Also I find it important to narrow down my wishlists as there is so much stuff that I want and this helps me to not forget anything and to prioritise things.

I am quite a crazy organised person and I love making lists. I have lists for everything. There is something satisfying about ticking something off your list haha so this is why it's important for me to carry a notebook with me. Yes there are apps for your phone but I find nothing compares to a good old fashioned notebook.

This one is from eBay and costs £6. It is a bit smaller than A5 and opens up to reveal 2 notepads. I might have one dedicated to my blog and the other to my YouTube or maybe just one dedicated to everyday shopping lists, I've not decided yet. I love the print of this as I am a tea lady through and through and I love the cute pastal colours that gives it quite a retro theme which is perfect for me. Overall I am very excited over my new notebook and I know that it's quite sad to get excited over a piece of stationary but here I am :-)

Do any of you fellow bloggers find it important to have a notebook or not? Jodie x

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