Saturday, 20 July 2013

OPI Shatter Nail Lacquers found in poundworld

So when I was rooting through the beauty products in my local Poundworld in Wigan I found these gems! There are some full size OPI topcoat polishes that give a shattered effect to the nails. These retail at £11 but I've found them on sale at BeautyBay for £8.25 so when I came across them in the poundshop I was in shock.
I would never pay full price for these but as they were so cheap I snapped up the two shades that they had in which were Black Shatter and Shatter the Scales. You can tell by the bottles that these are a premium brand right down to the brush, it felt like a treat to use as I'm used to the cheaper polishes.
Black Shatter is matte black where as Shatter the Scales is a glittery emerald green.

I roughly tried these polishes out against my Nails Inc Portabello and Headlines Gunmetal Black to see what the overall effect it. I apologise for the messiness but you get the idea.
You put your normal varnish on and leave to dry then quick add this topcoat in one stoke (so make sure you have a generous amount on the brush to quickly spread it).

The Headlines with the Black Shatter has a nice effect as does the Nails Inc Portabello with the Shatter the Scales. As for the other two variations I'm not keen. I can't imagine using these topcoat often but for a £1 I can't complain. I can't wait to start trying other variations out. What do you think?

Jodie x

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