Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pregnancy skincare isn't just for pregnant people

So a few months ago picked up a Cussons Mum & Me bump cool and relief soothing spray, this was on sale from my local Asda for 96p.

I hear you asking am I crazy why did I buy this if I'm not pregnant, the answer is that i was pregnant but unfortunately I miscarried early on.

Anyway I didn't want to waste this product, it has been red hot the past couple of days and we don't have air con at work. After it being a exceptionally hot and uncomfortable day yesterday I found this gem hidden away in a draw. It is basically just a cooling mist spray that can be sprayed all over the body for instant relief. It smells of peppermint which is nice and refreshing and not too feminine, even the men at my work wanted a squirt and enjoyed this product.

I've seen some pricey cooling mists around in stores but for 96p this is a complete bargain that I would repurchase pregnant or not.

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