Saturday, 20 July 2013

Midi skirt second hand shop finds

So Midi skirts are back in fashion! And as I am a huge 1940s fashion follower I love the long skirts. Yes they do look like you raided your grans wardrobe but with a modern twist you will be retro glam in no time. I picked these two up from my local second hand shops and they cost me a whopping total of £1.50.

I love the polka dot one best, don't worry it isn't so shiny in real life I just had the flash on. So alls I need are some nice retro blouses and some vintage waves and I'm good to go. The second looks pretty horrid on its own but with the right top and accessories I'm sure I can pull it off and if I fail it was only £1 so it doesn't matter.

Anybody you ladies rocking the midi skirts this season?

Jodie x

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