Saturday, 27 July 2013

George at Asda half price shoe finds

So when I was doing my weekly shop yesterday I managed to convince my husband to let me have a "quick" look at the shoes, something which he begrudges but look what gems I found for half price. These where £10 both reduced to £5.

The white ones I've bought to go with my Collectif Dolores flared dress in blue hibiscus which I've mentioned in a previous post. I think these will go with it so well as they have a nice low heel and complement the retro feel.

The coral flats I've got for everyday wear at work. I am obsessed with coral in clothing as well as makeup but I love how these have studs on to give them that rock chick vibe. I found my last pair of George flats some of the comfiest I've ever worn so I hope these are the same.

Let me know if you find any half price bargains.

Jodie x

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