Thursday, 18 July 2013

My favourite summer flats

So I'm in the process of getting my old feet tattoos covered up (they got very badly infected and lost a lot of color) so I'm finding it difficult to wear shoes of any sorts.

1.They have to be flat as if my foot is at a angle in heels it stretches the skin over my tattoo and feels uncomfortable, it's better to let it heal as normal as possible. Also when my tattoo was fresh my foot swelled up.

2. They have to try and not cover the tattoo or rub on it at all. If any of the scab gets rubbed off to early then it will be patchy underneath. I am getting it coloured In soon in a couple of weeks so I want to try and wear shoes that let it air as much as possible to help the healing. (fact: feet tattoos take longer to heal than other places of the body).

3. They have to be appropriate and comfortable enough to wear at work all day. Thankfully my work has no strict uniform rules so any of these shoes are fine.

So i am currently living in these ballet flats:

* Iron Fist Landubber slingbacks. These are perfect for casual or party wear I love them but unfortunately they have seen better days.
* Asda George polka dot ballet shoes, these are current season and super comfy. These are my current go to flats for work.
* Cat shoes unbranded from eBay. I love these as I am cat obsessed. Now my tattoo outline is towards the end of healing process I can get away with these as when it was fresh there was no way I could wear these with the eyes sticking over my foot.

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