Saturday, 20 July 2013

How to apply cream blusher

So when I first dabbled in cream blusher I was like how do you apply this thing? My normal blusher brush was a no go and using my finger just didn't distribute it evenly.
So I decided to search the net as you do and YouTube but unfortunately there wasn't much guidance around hut thank to one of my favourite bloggers Emily Noel we have the answer. Behold the stipple brush!
The stipple brush is a flat top headed brush which can be used to apply and liquid or powder make up. It is perfect for cream blusher as it distributes it perfect and evenly woohoo I love my new toy. The Stila flat top brush looks amazing buy being on a budget I got the Elf Stipple brush for approx £4 it was sold out on their website so I got mine from eBay. This brush is from the Elf studio line which is a more professional line that the cheaper stuff and even though it still purse friendly prices the quality is top notch! I've even some some pros using this thing on YouTube it is a must ladies!
So to apply the cream blush you can go straight to the pan or put some on the back of your hand first, dab your brush in and then pat on your cheeks, the patting motion works best rather than swooping up the cheeks like I do with my usual blusher brush.
I hope this post helped you out as I was stumped at how to apply cream blusher and I love the Bourjois ones so much.
If you have a different method as how you apply cream blush please share.
Jodie x

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