Thursday, 11 July 2013

W7 Go West Matte Lipsticks in Candy Pink & Powder Pink, Mac Dupes

So after meeting up with my best friend Laura last Saturday I noticed she had a gorgeous light pink matte lipstick on which when I asked it is Mac - Pink Nouveau.

I decided that I would love one that's similar and as I can't afford a Mac one at the moment I started researching matte lipsticks on blogs. That's when I came across the W7 Go West ones they are quite new out and come in quite a few shades. They are very cheap as only a couple of pounds each.
I decided that I wanted to get the pink one which was most like Laura's. It's hard to tell the shades online so as they where so cheap I ordered two. I got the Candy Pink which is the lightest of the two and Powder Pink. I love them both but luckily the Candy Pink is a dupe of the Mac Pink Nouveau woop! So I would definitely recommend checking this range of matte lipsticks out they are such a bargain.

Jodie x

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